Fast sales and deliverys

We provide solutions for transport and distribution of goods starting from one pallet to full loads or vans minibuses up to 10 Euro pallets with load capacity up to 1.5t across Europe or countries, the advantage for customers who deposited goods and be distributed at national or European level because delivery can be made within 72 hours anywhere in Europe directly delivered to the customer door to door, receiver or buyer of your goods


Dealex auto offers de posibility to transport a wide range of products as:

  • auto parts and components;
  • textile and leather;
  • metals.

Non Stop services

We answer nonstop to all customer demands, with all the services that our company can offer. We provide transport services for goods international or internal nature.
Bulk freight optimized on domestic and international routes, with payload capacity 900 - 1150 kg. Goods is ensured under international law in force (CMR insurance). Transportation can optimize charging is done euro / km.

 Door-to-door transport

We carry freight to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Russia.

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