DEALEX AUTO SC EUROTRANS SRL was established on 02.20.2013, it has the object of priority freight forwarder which is permanently available to its partners.
Our goal is to provide complete and reliable freight traffic in domestic and international, since its foundation. 
The first cars imported were purchased directly by our company in Germany, and later, buy a vehicle from the Romanian companies being wound up. All vehicles have held equipment according to European standards Euro 5 - Euro 6 of the EEC.
Freight shipments are tracked by staff coordinator since 2013 through a GPS satellite tracking, allowing following the path of the vehicle, check the operating parameters during the race and communication through SMS messages between the coordinating office and carried on the vehicle.
We offer:

  • 15 Sprint sheet
  • 15 Sprint bodied
  • 36 employees


Hardworking People
Countries Covered
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